Building Automation Systems

Trane controls are the keystone to making a building work better for life. They are engineered to be user friendly and help building owners efficiently achieve their desired temperature, humidity and ventilation whatever the building's purpose.

Trane software and integrated controllers can help you manage all of your building systems for optimal efficiency and comfort.

Single Building Control Systems

Single buildings can have complex HVAC and energy management needs. Trane has a range of controls that can help you meet your building’s temperature, humidity, ventilation and energy management needs, no matter how challenging.

  • Tracer SummitTM
  • TrackerTM Light Commercial System Controls
  • Tracer SCTM
  • Tracer ESTM Express

Multiple Building Control Systems

When you’ve got multiple buildings with diverse comfort and energy management needs, Trane Tracer ES™ system provides a flexible and precise range of different systems to meet a variety of requirements.

  • Tracer ESTM
  • Tracer SCTM Light Commercial System Controls

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In addition to Trane building controls and automation systems, the Hunton Group also delivers Advanced Building Systems Integration and Connected Real Estate Solutions by converging all building systems technologies into one common network controlled from a common point.

For further controls and building integration information, please contact your Hunton Trane sales engineer at 713-266-3900.